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  • Use of a tumble dryer can cause excess creases on heavy cottons, therefore remove whilst slightly damp and fold carefully to ensure a better end result
  • Hang damp cotton shirts on a correct size hanger before ironing
  • Avoid leaving damp garments in a kitchen area as they will readily absorb all smells
  • When you receive garments back from us, leave a good space on the rail between each item to avoid creasing
  • Keep garments fresh and crease free by leaving them in the free protective covers we supply
  • Unfold and un-package all items immediately upon return to avoid creasing
  • For best results use our combined Laundry and Ironing service

In the order section you will be asked for a simple calculation of the category of clothes or weight that you have in your ironing bag. After you have inputted the amount, we will automatically calculate the cost. You are then taken via a secure link to a HSBC website to input your card details.
After you have paid by credit or debit card, we send you an automatic confirmation email.
Then, at the time you have chosen from our available time slots, our friendly driver will collect your ironing/laundry bag (please refer to tips beforehand) from your home, workplace or hotel.
If you prefer, we can weigh your items for you and you will still be able to complete your order by clicking the appropriate link, however you will not be able to pay online for this and will not receive the 10% online discount.
Your fully insured ironing is then taken safely away to our professional ironing team and is returned fully packaged and pressed at the time slot you have chosen from available delivery times.

• We do not charge for collection or delivery, unless you are out at the agreed time slot, when a £1.50 surcharge will be added to the total to help cover our costs.
• All garments are laundered and ironed in a completely non-smoking environment
• 24/7 online ordering available
• All ironing is checked by our Quality Control Administrators before it is returned to you
• Any damaged or shiny items collected from you will be returned to you un-ironed and you will not be charged as not to cause any confusion. In the unlikely event of us damaging any of your items we will compensate up to a maximum of £40/item subject to us being notified within 24 hours of items being returned and subject to the details in our terms and conditions section
If you have any questions about this revolutionary service please do not hesitate to contact us

* * Free packaging consists of wire hangers, trouser guards, skirt clips and polythene covers. Please return Hangers with subsequent orders otherwise a small charge will be applied

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